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This page includes all present and past artists on the tour.

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Janet Robbins

In late spring 2015, Janet Robbins will set up a multidisciplinary studio inside The Arts Upstairs gallery in the beloved hamlet of Phoenicia NY. Metamorphosis in Projection will employ the written word, projected images, recorded and improvised sounds. This part time private, and often times public studio space will be offered as place to gather, renew, and inspire relationship between the inner and outer realms, and with each other.
Some still images of projections within the gallery…
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Cari Rosmarin

I have painted in oil for over 30 years. I split my time between West Shokan and NYC. I have many large oils on canvas, which are dramatic and fantasy landscapes. I also do monoprints, which appear to be more abstract, but follow the same principals.


Sally Rothchild  

My pottery is all hand-thrown on the potters wheel and high fired in my gas kiln. I use reduction fired glazes, copper reds, shino, temoku, which are varied in effect by the flame in the kiln. I'm influenced by Japanese and seek to create a similar subtle beauty , strength and energy in my work. I splash, pour, drip and brush glazes on my hand thrown pots, and then love to see the magic of the firing take it's effect.


Gerard Ryan