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This page includes all present and past artists on the tour.

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Christie Scheele

I look for mixed metaphor in art, mine and others'. Aspects of complex combinations found in a given piece or body of work are often hard to name individually, since the references are myriad: historical, art historical, nature-based, daily visual stimuli; art forms such as music and literature; and they source many personal experiences and memories embedded in the mind and body. With representational work, there is a narrative, at least implied, as well.
This is my favorite kind of art, a rich visual stew that is experienced viscerally but bears additional fruit with analysis. Often minimalist on the surface, it evokes deep, complex feelings.




STREAMS AND WOODS  A nature-based sculpture installation workshop
led by Christie Scheele Located by and in the Stony Clove Creek
where Rt 214 meets Main St. Phoenicia

Also at Christie Scheele's studio

Tessa Scheele

Tony Morelli

Rita Schwab - Fresco Paintings -

My work suggests a rebirth of life forms, a growth and renewal of organic shapes. I try to strive for balance, a balance between earth and sea, sky and breeze, light and dark, texture and smooth finish hoping to represent all the elements.
The surfaces of these fresco paintings are dense and complex in their materiality. They are enhanced with organic ingredients such as sand, rocks, ground barks, shells and natural pigments. The biomorph shapes flow naturally on this highly textured wood surface. Circles are off-centered, suggesting celestial bodies. Oil washes bring a flowing spacey dimension to otherwise defined geometry. I like to paint in multiple series, creating a body of work that is sequential. I also like diptychs, triptychs, quartets etc. I prefer to work with odd sizes: long and narrow, tall and repetitive, round or square. I build my own “canvases” using basic carpentry skills and recycled materials.




Carla Shapiro

Carla shapiro is a photographer. For 25 years she has made images of and about women and the unexpected but not the unfamiliar. Carla currently photographs woman in slips. Her next show will be at the BCB gallery in Hudson NY.

In this portfolio titled Dance of Time, I photograph slips. I photograph these slips with people and without. In the images without people there is a portrayal of a person. The empty slip is vacant of the body; it defies a sense of gravity and air passes through it. In the images with people the woman where the slips with grace, sensuality and vulnerability. Ranging from ages 4 to 103 these women represent our bodies throughout time. These images are platinum/palladium printed on handmade Japanese rice paper. I choose this paper because it is soft, delicate and translucent, resembling the slip itself. I have collected slips over the years. I am drawn to what is old, what has history, and what has been used. In these photographs the slips become nostalgic, evocative and wistful. They hold spirit in the body form. They have their own presence; they hold light brimming with life.

"wet place collodion"

Judith Singer

My primary medium is assemblage, art that is made by assembling disparate objects to create a unified whole that is both visually pleasing and mentally stimulating. My assemblages contain toys, yard sale finds, pictures from books and magazines, scrap wood, and even garbage, each piece carefully chosen, arranged, and re-arranged, often over a period of years. In the tradition of surrealism, commonplace items and cultural icons are juxtaposed or altered in the hope of provoking fresh insights. My consistent themes are the role of chance in determining our lives’ paths; the astonishing abilities of the human mind; and the need to dream and aspire. Recurring motifs include the brain and the heart, angels and rockets, cherubs and skeletons, dreams and reality, contrasting and collaborating in the fascinating mix that is life.



   Skin Flower Cosmic Arts     sunday dawn marie

" i am a pre-existing condition "

a mix of artworks
by sunday dawne~marie
an artist with a versatile imagination who works in a variety of media
creatively inspired by the cycles of life & death
by the mysteries of the human experience
by our interactions & connections with each other
with nature ... with the cosmos






Allan Skriloff  

Allan attended Pratt Institute in 1962 and 1963, then transferred to Parsons School of Design, studying interior design. He studied at the Art Students Summer League in 1964 and 1965, and then on and off for the next decade. Alan has had shows at OK Harris and Jakendoff Bochi Gallery in SoHo area of NYC. He's also shown at General Electric Headquarters and Manhattan College. An amusing Allan factoid: he's had 6 paintings on The Days of Our Lives soap opera over the course of several episodes that were meant to take place in an art gallery. More recently, Allan has shown at the Woodstock Art Association and Hunter Gallery. Several of his Oil Worker paintings are on display at Precision Drilling in Houston, Texas. Allan currently has several paintings on display and loan at the Emerson Resort, an award-winning, four-diamond property here in the Hudson Valley.



Iancu Sorell

Iancu Sorell did his work at home and out in the hills, in California, Rome, and upstate New York. He had
visions of vast pelagic vistas spanning the Aegean and also etched drawings on styrofoam cups. This memorial
exhibition is hosted by his Pine Hill friends and patrons, Mohammed Hussain and Jim Nevins.


Michelle Spark

Artists have never failed to explore tools at hand beginning with charcoal and plant pigments in ancient times, to renaissance ground glass optics, and intaglio printing, then onto screen printing and photography in the last century. Currently touch tablets, like the ipad, create a direct access to digital drawing and painting. Its great versatility is transformative, and amazing for me right now.




Anne Stanner -

Faye Storms

I thrive on creating realistic art using pastel or oil. I appreciate great draftsmanship and aspire towards that outcome in each of my works. My subject matter always surrounds me as I am living in one of the most beautiful and lush areas in the country.I love and indulge in all forms of artistic expression including acting, designing interiors and singing. You can visit me at my home interiors store The Blue Barn where my gallery is located and also come to my upcoming show at Cabane Art Gallery in Phoenicia opening Labor Day weekend.